Frequently Asked Questions

Why does TopTrack only use 1-minute sample tracks?

Social media thrives on short posts (think Twitter), and you’ll want your sample track to be shared and re-shared as much as possible. Our sample tracks will go farther and faster in the social media to potentially more people. Remember: Fans are more likely to try a music sample when it comes shared from a friend.

When I post my music, what happens to my copyright?

When you post music on TopTrack, you do not give away any of your copyright ownership. Period. You have complete ownership and total control over your work. There are no exclusive or burdensome contracts, and you can remove it anytime you wish. We do not keep copies of your music files, so you must maintain a copy if you wish to re-post at a later time.

What file size limits are there and what kinds of files can I upload?

We can accept most file types including AAC, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, M4A, and WMA files. You may upload a full song file, but it will only playback the first 60 seconds (with a auto 2-second fade out at the end). All files should be no greater than 10MB. Don’t forget to send pictures. The main picture should be you or your album. It should be at least 600px square and no greater than 10MB. A smaller picture of you can go in your Personal Profile: Login and tap your name in the upper right corner of our website and upload it there.

Can I edit my tracks once they are posted?

Yes, you can edit anything when logged into the website: . You can update Titles, Names, and Photos or even swap out music files as long as there are less than 100 applause. After 100 applause, tracks are locked and not editable. But you can delete it at any time. Note: deleting a track will also delete all acquired applause, music file, photos, and its upload slot.

Can I post a cover of someone else’s music?

Nope. You can only post your own original music in which you own all copyrights, or it is in the Public Domain. You cannot post something on behalf of someone else unless you personally are legally authorized to post it by its owner. See details in our Copyright Policy.

If my music crosses categories, what do I do?

You can post a track in any category you want, but fans will most likely find it in its closest category. If you wish, you can post the same track in multiple categories, but each post will collect its own separate applause. You can always post anything in the Open Mic category.

What is the OPEN MIC category?

This is where any artist can post anything they wish. It’s a good spot for experimental, unique, or cross-category music. The only limit on content is spelled out in our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use policy.

How does my track become a TopTrack?

Each category features its most applauded track as its TopTrack. Its image is displayed on the front Discovery page, and at the top of the category list. Because we update this constantly, this position can change quickly based on fan applause. You can greatly affect the odds in your favor by sharing each posted track with as many fans as possible, and encourage them to download the app, applaud, and re-share if they like it! Don’t just post once on Facebook & Twitter and walk away. The best music, supported by the best social media campaign, will likely get the most applause and become TopTracks!

Do I lose my slot if I delete my own track?

You always maintain the original permanent track slot that came with the App download. But all other acquired slots expire when you delete a track. But you can always purchase additional upload slots if you wish (see upgrades). The number of slots currently available to you is listed under MY TRACKS at our website:

Where do I get more details on TopTrack?

Check out the documents at the bottom of the page: Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, Copyright Info, and Privacy Policy.

There is also a Help button on the web page that can point you where to go.

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